installation       performance       time based


10 second sculpture 


Fiberglass mesh tape.
Approximately 18" x 26" x 12"
Los Angeles



dante's inferno 


Micro-Intervention and Performance, partial video documentation.

Pencil on wall.

Quotes from The Divine Comedy, Canto I, The Dark Wood of Error/The Descent/The Vestibule of Hell.

Approximately 90 ft long.

Two walls at 533 LA,

Los Angeles.




don't you hate when  that happens 


Fabric, table, knives, rope, wire, adhesive tape, plates, bowl, painted pebbles, forks, photographs, artificial flowers, ribbon, bench, sheet music, audio.

Approximately 39 ft x 13 ft x 12 ft l x w x h.

Autobody Fine Art,

Alameda, CA.




    fox and rabbit & tickle box 

Wall object.

Two versions.

Wood frame, newspaper, glass, fox skull, dried white roses, rabbit skull, marabou feather, filament, deer antler, glass beads.

Dried flowers, vase, collage, frame, shell, resin beads,wire.

16" x 16" x 6" and

16" x 35" x 12"

w x h x d

2012 and 2016



knife peace  



Knives, adhesive tape, hemp rope, glue.

Approximately 12" x 60" x 12" w x h x d.

Comission for a private residence.

Boston, MA.




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